Red Cross Heroes Breakfast 2017


We were thrilled to be apart The Heroes event would not be possible without the continued financial support of area partners. We we excited to be able to support the Red Cross this year and they heroes they awarded.

Columbia River High School Security Officer Joe Reed and Clark County Sheriff’s Deputy Albin Boyse jumped straight into action when they heard over their radios that a student had collapsed in the gymnasium during football practice. Boyse checked the boy for a pulse and realized he didn’t have one. Reed began performing CPR while Boyse directed a person standing by to retrieve a defibrillator. The student’s heart started and stopped beating several times as Reed worked to resuscitate him. The student was transported to the hospital and thanks to Reed and Boyse’s quick action, he made a full recovery.

The annual Real Heroes Breakfast provides an opportunity for local businesses/organizations to sponsor various components of this highly visible community fundraiser.