1. They only know  discount... they will try to discount your home.

The 1 % agent do not protect your equity and may try to force you to sell at a discount . They also attract discount buyers...this is not a discount home... this is an executive home. 


2. They have no  24 point marketing plan that exposes your home  nationwide./ intenational/  radio televison../ door knocking/ 5500 person database/ #1 selling office in all of San Diego with over 400 agents.


Exposure means more money...more people know about it.


3. They just have a sign and then wait for the Heller Team to come sell it. We  agressively look for the buyer, we have 300 buyers come to   our website every month , we have ISA/telemarketers, we do door knocking and open houses. 


4. No  negotiating skills..cant protect their personal  value/ livelihood ...anyone can list a home for 1 skills needed .. How well will they protect your equity and fight for you.


5. No marketing Dollars/ budget...just MLS and few websites and a sign, virtually no  exposure again. 


6. No professionally trained assistants to handle the files correctly..they handle on the fly...

if they have a listing appointment they are not available...we have a professionally trained licensed  assistant available 7 days a week.